A word from our wine guy about the wine we offer

Apr 15th, 2013
Matt Crafton

It's no secret that at Taste Factor, our goal is to deliver high quality wines that you'll love. But something you may not know is that we spend a tremendous amount of time building partnerships with small, up-and-coming wineries that make fantastic wine, but don't get recognition in the mainstream wine media. It would be a lot easier for us to buy wine from the shelves of a distributor or contract with one of the huge custom wineries to make some semi-generic plonk, but that's not how we roll. All of the wines we send you have a story. Some come from vineyards that have been in the same family for generations. Others may come from familiar names but are boutique bottlings that rarely make it outside the tasting room. Still others are from new wine regions that are pushing the limits of tradition. Some of our favorites are the new projects from great winemakers that are just being launched. Given our background in the wine industry, we are in unique position to bring these wines to you, while helping these local wineries grow.

So don't be surprised when you open your shipment and you don't recognize one or more of the labels. It's not because we picked this wine up on discount or created it out of thin air (we'd never do that). It's because these are very special, small production wines that rarely hit the local shelves. And, if you agree and like them just as much as we do, you may find another label from that same winery in a future shipment. It's all about bringing you the best.