Taste Factor Photo Contest: Be Featured on our Facebook Page

Mar 17th, 2013
Photo Contest

Apple gives us 8 megapixels and overnight we've all become professional photographers.  Fine, maybe I will just speak for myself.  But it is time we put these cameras to good use.  As you sit back and enjoy your Taste Factor wine, snap us a picture!  You get extra points for having a cool background but please do not do anything dangerous or stupid - yes, I think there is a difference.

We will take the best photos each month and post them on our facebook site.  We will also give you a shout out!  I mean, a shout out from a super hip wine company?  Prepare to be cool.

Submit your Taste Factor Wine photos to hi@taste-factor.com.  We look forward to seeing how strange your life really is! (joking, of course)