Your "special occasion" bottle

Mar 21st, 2013
Special Occasion

A few years ago I bought my significant other a bottle of expensive champagne with a vintage that represented the year we started dating.  For years we kept this bottle on our wine rack and watched it collect dust.  I imagine a time lapse video where every bottle around this one changed over and over and over again with only this bottle of champagne staying constant.  

After two years, I picked it up and decided it was time to open 'er up and drink.  "Don't drink that! It is for a special occasion", I hear from five feet away - so I set the bottle down.  That very weekend a few friends came over to visit from out of town.  As we were sitting out on the patio enjoying the beautiful weather, I went inside and grabbed the forbidden bottle of bubbly.  I walked outside and with a swing of the sabre the bottle was open.  

For that reason and many others it was an evening to remember.  It was then that I realized that it is perfectly fine to save a bottle for a special occasion as long as you realize the occasion will be special when you open the bottle.  So, be a little adventurous and grab one of those bottles tonight.  Make today an occasion to remember.