How Taste Factor Works

At a Glance

You're curious about Taste Factor and want to know how it works. Below are our four steps to wine bliss. While every step is important, all you need to do is sign up, drink some delicious wine, and then give us your rating. See below for details (and a few laughs):

  • Drink

    Step 1: Drink

    Once you sign up, we will send you your first shipment. Kick back and enjoy your wine.

  • Rate

    Step 2: Rate

    Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to rate the wine we send. The way you rate each wine tells us a lot about your taste.

  • Math

    Step 3: Math

    We use serious math – we're talking space shuttle math – to choose new wines you are guaranteed to love.

  • Discover

    Step 4: Enjoy

    It’s like Christmas without your in-laws (just kidding, doesn’t everyone love their in-laws?). Open your next Taste Factor shipment and enjoy wine that's matched to your palate.

In More Detail

We are on a mission to help you discover new wine that’s tailored to your taste. To do this, we have to learn about your unique palate. When you sign up for Taste Factor, we will send you a starter pack containing a variety of wine. After you drink the wine we send you, submit your rating for each bottle. We use a simple 4-point rating system that is easy to understand and helps us learn your taste. Simply hop on (on your phone, tablet, or computer) and rate that wine!

Once you’ve rated your wine, we bring some serious math. I'm talking Good Will Hunting, Beautiful Mind, Moneyball math. When asked to explain how this thing works, our resident mathematician started going on about eigenvectors -- that's when I asked him to explain it in English. So here it is in a nutshell. The way you rate each wine tells us a lot about you. So much so that we can predict what other wines you will love. The technology and calculus we apply was born in academia, souped-up, and put to work finding great wine tailored to your palate. It's proven to work. It's patented. It's awesome.

Every month, you will receive a shipment of wine matched to your palate. The wines we select are different for every customer. As we continue to learn more about your taste, we help you discover wine that you might have never chosen for yourself (or even found in a store) and expand your wine experience.

Our Award-Winning-ish Animated Short

If a picture is worth a thousand words, our video is worth exactly 2,547,000. (This is what happens when you have a mathematician on the team.)