There's Something about Pairings

May 19th, 2013
Food and Wine Pairing

Go ahead and open up that etiquette book that your mother-in-law bought you.  What does it say about serving wine?  Skip over the glassware (we will cover this in another post) and read what it says about serving white or red, pair this with that, and never serve merlot during the summer.  The fact is, none of this really matters.  While some wines are known to have complimentary tastes, it is really about what tastes good to you.  A piece of chocolate with a sip of your Malbec will taste differently with a Chenin Blanc.  While there is some chemistry taking place in your mouth, it is up to you to decide what you like.  Want to service a nice Petit Syrah with your brazed salmon?  Go for it.  Remember, your experience with your wine is about you, not what someone told you.  Go ahead and be adventurous!  Now where is the rest of that chocolate...